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When I moved to New Milford in January and I was driving around looking for land to use, I came across a common misconception. That was that “chicken farms stink”. There were a number of people who thought that chicken farm are gross, smelly, muddy, messy, where nothing else can survive due to the chickens unhealthy ways.

I also came across the thought that you can smell them from a mile away, and even further in hot weather with the right wind. That’s true of industrial chicken farms where broiler chickens are kept in large barns by the tens, if not hundreds of thousands with NO access to the outdoors.

My chickens however, are neat, clean, and good for the environment. You don’t have to take my word for it though. I took a bunch of pictures to help illustrate.

snapping turtle on farm

Had a visit from a rather large snapping turtle on the farm. It was turtle mating season in town, needless to say this one wasn’t interested in the chickens.

snapping turtle near chicken tractors

The turtle was on the land where the birds had recently left. He/she (I didn’t check) didn’t mind the effect the birds had. This is one particularly bare/pooplicious spot, and she’s resting right in it. If it was more highly concentrated I am sure she would have kept her distance.

wheat farm

This is the wheat that grows in the field next to my birds. Last years wheat is what my chickens are eating. It is nice driving by it each day on my way to the chicken tractors. When you get to the chicken tractors there are always two pigeons scratching around where the birds have been, a family of deer that I once in a while, and there are always tons of dragon flies buzzing around.

chicken on pasture

Keeping the chickens moving on grass keeps the chickens healthy and the land healthy. The pasture is really benefiting from the added nitrogen. I recently had The Grass Whisperer on the farm and I got a ton of good advice on how to more properly utilize my pasture.

chicken farm

The birds grow up with sunshine, fresh air, bugs, grass, and dirt. The dirt provides the tiny stones that chickens eat to help them digest.

baby chick

This little guy is closing his eyes and wishing he was big enough to safely go out to pasture. Not yet little one!


How’s that for a yearbook photo? Obituary? …

csa pick up

It all ends at my CSA pick-up where all of my customers are local and meet me each week to get their chickens. It has rained the last two weeks but I am hoping this week the weather cooperates. I love doing the pick-ups and seeing my CSA members.