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Free-Range Chicken For Sale

Free-Range Pastured Chickens for Sale!

pastured poultry

Send in Your $5 Deposit for December Pick-Up in New Milford, CT.

Only 35 chickens available!

Benefits to YOU the Customer

First, and I think most important, you have the chance to purchase a pasture-raised chicken that has never been fed any growth hormones or antibiotics. Pastured poultry contains a lot more vitamins E and C than commercial poultry. Not to mention it is chock full of Omega-3s and beta-carotene. “You are what you eat.” These birds are as healthy and all-natural as it gets. The taste of the meat is out of this world! “It actually tastes like chicken!” You are purchasing a superior product for you and your family to share.

Secondly, you are helping a new farmer get his start in sustainable agriculture. You are supporting a new, local, small business that will help boost local economy, help to make healthy food more available, and

What You Get

My birds are typically 4-6 pounds after processing. For each customer I will also provide recipes so that you can make the most out of each bird you buy (Think roasted chicken, chicken sandwiches, chicken salad, chicken noodle soup). Each roasting chicken will give you 3-4 meals. When you break down the costs it does not look so bad.

5lb Chicken at $7 per pound= $35

$35 divided by a family of four = $8.75

Each family member gets three meals= $2.91 per person, per meal, for top quality chicken

pastured poultry

Chicken’s Story

These birds have been raised on pasture almost their entire lives. They started in a brooder box, and when they were feathered enough for cool nights they went to live out in the fields. They are moved twice a day to fresh grass, have plenty of clean water, and have a supplementary grain feeder.

Every day they eat fresh blades of grass, munch on insects, and soak up the sunshine. What they have never received is any growth hormones or antibiotics. Living out in fresh pasture has boosted their immunes systems, and there is not an unhappy or unhealthy bird on the farm.

My philosophy when raising animals is that, “I will give them a great life, until I don’t.” What you’re buying is a fresh-frozen bird that lived a good life, and gave it up to see that you live a good life as well.

I raised two different types of birds to see how the breeds did side by side. I have cornish rock crosses and rainbow rangers. The cornish rocks are an industrial breed meat bird bred for fast growth. The rainbow rangers are a heritage meat bird. Both breeds led happy and healthy lives, and it was clear to me which bird performs better when it comes to putting on weight.

Purchase Pastured Roasting Chicken

My chickens cost $7 per pound and typically run between 4-6 pounds. If you would like to purchase a chicken from me, please send in your $5 deposit via the PayPal button below. Chickens will be delivered to Greenwich, CT on October 6th, and available for on-farm pickup in Woodstock, CT October 7th. Times and locations to be posted shortly.

All profits go to help start our sustainable family farm in Western Connecticut!

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Whether or not you are buying a chicken, you can keep tabs on the farm through the newsletter. I will let you know when we find land, what we will be growing, when it will be available, and how to prepare it in your kitchen. If you want I will even let you know how you can become involved. Thanks!