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Published on August 29, 2013, by in chicken recipe.

It may come as some surprise that the chicken farm has never eaten chicken hearts before. Weird I know. It was just never something I sought out and tried, though I am now regretting my lack of motivation because I have stumbled onto something great.

When you’re a chicken farmer people come to you with all kinds of requests and recipes. Recently my friend Barry has been bugging me about chicken hearts.

“John, do you have any hearts? Do you have any hearts?”

“Why Barry? What are you going to do?”

“Grill them, duh!”

My interest was peaked and we decided to grill some chicken hearts one day for lunch. Here is the recipe told through photos. It is insanely easy, and quite delicious. My thoughts on the bottom.

chicken skewers

First things first, let some skewers soak in water so they don’t light on fire when you put your hearts on the grill. I put them in water in the morning, did my morning work on the farm, and they were more than ready by lunch.

cooking chicken hearts

Barry’s recipe = olive oil, salt, and pepper. That’s it. We didn’t have olive oil so I melted some butter and basted them. There is great flavor in the hearts to you don’t need much doctoring. Doesn’t mean it should stop you from experimenting. Note: There is a membrane that covers the outside of the heart. You’re going to want to remove that. Not every heart still has it on but some do. Just pick it off with your fingers, it comes right off.

cooking chicken hearts

A lot of the cooking was guess work and it turned out great. Med-high heat on the grill. Make sure it is heated up first. I did about 5-6 minutes, then turned them over for another 5-6 minutes. They go from pinkish red to brownish. Looks a little out of the ordinary, but then again you’re eating chicken hearts. It might not be your normal.

cooking chicken hearts

Once they’re cooked through you shouldn’t have any pink in the middle. Barry has had them very well done and he said he still liked them. Ares were done perfect. Cooked through but not over-done.

cooking chicken hearts

“Some of the best chicken hearts I have ever had.” -Barry (and he’s a fanatic)

My Thoughts:

I really liked them. Would I eat them every day, maybe not. Will I have them again, most definitely.

They had a real “chickeny” flavor to them. Everyone who eats my birds says there is a huge difference in the flavor over store bought chicken. Well the chicken hearts take it to a new level.

There’s a definite difference in the texture. Hard to explain. I’ll just let you try it for yourself.

End result = If you are feeling up to something new, I recommend grilled chicken hearts.