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You can donate to Farm Aid here and help us reach our goal.

Farm Aid is an organization with the same goal of supporting family farms that Kate and I share. We support the work that Farm Aid does, and they support us in our quest for a sustainable life. For more information visit their website here.

Every Little Bit Helps

  • Word Of Mouth:  The more people we can get involved the better. Everyone “knows someone” who “knows something” that could possibly help out what we’re doing. The larger the network of people who know what we’re doing the better.

I put donation links up here per a flood of requests. We very much appreciate the donations, and they are a HUGE help. That being said, I believe that you should not feel under any obligation to send us money. We are happy to have you following along, and will be quite content with that.

Buy Us A Cup Of Coffee

$2.50 will buy a nice big cup of coffee to share out on the road.

Buy Us A Day On The Road

$25.00 will support another day on the road for us. With how much we have to eat to keep cycling food is a major expense. Housing is cheap as we stay at camp grounds.

Decide Your Own Contribution

Whatever you are willing to give will help immensely.