Pastured Chicken and Herbs CSA

2014 Chicken CSA

FoodCyclist & Camps Road Farm Join Forces

Hello there, it’s John, the owner and operator of FoodCyclist Farm. During 2013 I was offered a great opportunity to become the manager of Camps Road Farm in Kent, CT.

Part of signing on as the farm manager I decided to combine the two farms together and operate all farm product sales through Camps Road Farm. CRF offers pastured eggs, diversified vegetables, and in the future hops and apples. With the addition of the FoodCyclist chickens and their chicken tractors we will continue to offer the highest quality pastured poultry you can get you hands on.

For those returning customers you can be assured that I am taking my same growing practices with me into 2014. and my various Social Media accounts will continue to share information about my farm life, pastured poultry, and chicken tractors.

Who chicken?

The FoodCyclist at Camps Road Farm is offering the chance to have a pastured raised chicken once a week for twenty weeks in 2014. Brought to you as fresh as can be, to be cooked and fed to your family and friends, or frozen for the winter months when you are missing healthy local food and craving some roast chicken.

While this is my first year on this farm, this is not my first year farming. For more about me click here.

What chicken?

100% all natural. All chicken, no bull!

My chickens are raised on pasture eating bugs and grass. They live happy and healthy lives. They are given NO antibiotics and NO growth hormones. They enjoy fresh air, sun shine, and stress free lives. Fed grain certified organic grain from Morrison Feeds, which means NO GMOS!!!

Where chicken?

The farm is located in Kent, CT. For chicken pick-up in 2014 I am applying to be part of the New Milford Farmers’ Market on the Green in downtown New Milford on Saturdays between 9-12 during the summer months.

If the farmers’ market does not work out I will update this page and all my other information as well.

When chicken?

June 7th – October 18th

Click Here for the FoodCyclist Farm Calendar

The Chicken CSA will last 20 weeks from the summer into fall. A chicken every week.

Why chicken?

This chicken is better in every way.

The industrial factory farm model produces chickens that are inferior in quality in many ways. What they are lacking in flavor, they make up in antibiotics, hormones, and all kinds of unnatural stuff.

FoodCyclist chickens are never fed any hormones, never fed any antibiotics, and never given any animal by-products. Instead they are given sunshine, clean water, bugs, grass, and local grains.

An independent study funded by the USDA Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education (SARE) Program found that compared to conventionally raised chickens, pasture raised chickens had 21% less total fat, 30% less saturated fat, and 28% fewer calories. The pasture raised chickens had essentially no fat in the breast meat, but had 50% more vitamin A and had significant levels of omega-3s, where conventional chickens had none.

My chickens contain omega 3 fatty acids, something you body needs. 30% of their diet comes from the grass they live on, making them a great source for this healthy nutrient.

While chickens on pasture eat bugs and grass, they do need grain to supplement their diet. The grain that I buy in comes from Morrison Feeds in Vermont. It is all certified organic. That means NO GMOs!!! This is the best source of grain that I have found. As my farm grows through the years I have the ability to grow the grains I feed my chickens, something I am working to make happen very soon.

By joining this Chicken CSA you are investing locally. I am local, I buy from local businesses, and I support other local farmers. You are also supporting my wife Kate, and our new baby due July 12th, 2013.

How much chicken?

Cost is yet to be determined but will be decided and registration open by the beginning of February.

You have several options to sign up:

Send me an e-mail to let me know you are interested and I can give you the CSA price minus the weeks that have already passed.

You can sign up for my e-mail list on the right side of the page (toward the top) to receive recipes, farm news, and info about extra chickens for sale if you don’t want to sign up for the whole season.

You can also split it with a friend. I won’t cut the chickens in half, but you can alternate weeks picking up or cut it up yourselves.

Because the season is under way the best option is to contact me and discuss your options. It’s a little more effort, but given the fact that several of my CSA members have ended up buying two shares because the chicken is so good it is well worth the effort.

John Suscovich

Camps Road Farm

33 Camps Rd.

Kent, CT 06757

Or contact me for an in-person meeting or phone call.

(860)717-0701 or E-Mail