Bicycle Tour NYC – Philly


Bike Tour Stops:

  1. Feldman Designs, LLC, Mountainside, NJ
  2. Pennypack Farm, Horsham, PA
  3. Cousin Josh, Philadelphia, PA
  4. Greensgrow Farm, Philadelphia, PA
  5. Orchard Farm Organics, Princeton, NJ
  6. NYC Waterways Terminal
  7. Home in New York City

Bike Tour Description:

The intent of this bicycle tour was ride from New York City to Philadelphia by bicycle, visiting sustainable farms. I spent time on three different farms on this trip. My first stop was to my friend and former boss Dave Feldman of Feldman Designs, LLC. Dave has always been a supporter of my bike trips, and I thank him for that. The next stop was to Pennypack Farm and Education Center. From there I went into Philadelphia to visit my cousin and an urban farm there, Greensgrow Farm. My final farm was Orchard Farm Organics in Princetion, NJ.

This was my first ever bicycle tour. I had taken a few test rides loaded with my gear, but I had never before ridden this far consecutively. Everyone thought that I was crazy for even going this far. My family was worried, my friends thought I was nuts. Little did they know, this was just the beginning. I would go on to ride from NYC to Canada, and even across the United States with my wife, Kate. It was a great bike tour. I met the nicest people, and had such great experiences. It was this trip that cemented the life-style for me.

Bike Tour Statistics:

Miles: 250

Days: 8

Flat Tires: 0 (That’s right, no flat tires!)

Places Slept: 4

Farms: 3

Breweries: 0

Blog Posts: