Bicycle Tour NYC to Canada


Bike Tour Stops:

  1. Grazin’ Angus Acres, Ghent, NY
  2. Ortensi Family Farm, Richfield Springs, NY
  3. Whetstone Gulf State Park
  4. Beartown Farms, Antwerp, NY
  5. Cross Island Farm, Wellesley Island, NY
  6. Sugar Island, Lansdowne, Ontario

Bike Tour Description:

I have been driving to camp on Sugar Island  with my family since before I was born (that’s right, my Mom went when she was pregnant with me). Sugar Island is located on the St. Lawrence River in Canada. Owned by the American Canoe Association, it was once a training “ground” for Olympic athletes who competed in sailing, kayaking, and canoeing. My grandfather was an alternate on the Olympic canoeing team way back when, so my Mom has been going since she was six years old.

I decided it would make for an excellent bicycle tour to ride up to Sugar, visiting farms along the way. I planned it so I met my family up there, and spent the week after my bike ride resting on the island.

Bike Tour Statistics:

Miles: 350

Days: 14

Flat Tires: 2

Places Slept: 7

Farms: 4

Breweries: 0

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