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We are now back on the East Coast of the United States actively and eagerly searching for work on a farm this year. Returning back to find cold weather and over-cast skies was kind of a bummer.  But today, today is different. Today the sun is shining, I have the windows open, I am going for a run with Kate later, and it will be warm enough outside to breathe, and all around life is good.

Since I was in such a great mood today, I wanted to take the time to share some photos of our bike ride covering the distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It feels like forever ago at this point. With our new adventures farming hopefully in the near future, I couldn’t help but think of past adventures.

kate suscovich food cyclist

There was no shortage of views on the coast riding between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Here Kate rides up one of the many many hills we encountered on the trip.

conventional agriculture

There is a lot of conventional agriculture in the Salinas Valley. We rode past many fields that were just barren dirt as they waited the next crop rotation. It was still beautiful with the hills on either side of us.


happy acres family farm

It was not all conventional agriculture though. We came across a really great little farm stand in Templeton, CA. Happy Acres Family Farm produces goat milk lotion! Who knew? http://www.happyacresfamilyfarm.net


giant chicken

There has to be an inappropriate joke here somewhere...

conventional agriculture

These are mostly strawberry fields.

unplanted field

More long stretches of unplanted fields. I guess we caught it at the wrong time.


Here we see the fields being irrigated, so they will look a lot nicer for the next pair of cyclists who ride along.

bicycling up hill

As there was no shortage of agriculture, there was also no shortage of hills. Riding through the valley is nice, riding from valley to valley, a different story. At least Kate looks happy here.

weird look food cyclist

Yeah, not sure where the weird look came from. Maybe it was trying to smile while not being able to breathe. If you notice the background you will that the hills were no joke.

happy to be over the hill

When being "over the hill" is a good thing! This was our last climb of the day, and we could see the coast again (through the fog). From here we dropped down into Santa Barbara, CA.

tilt shift photography

We were so high up that the houses on the hillside looked like micro-machine houses.

fairview gardens

This is the farm stand for Fairview Gardens. Fairview is where Michael Ableman got his start. You might remember him as the farmer we visited in British Columbia. It was great to ride from one farm to the other.

everything organically grown

Even better than seeing a "Welcome" sign!

volkswagon van

We have slept just about everywhere, in just about everything. Even in the back of this (no longer drivable) old Volkswagon mini-bus.

SLO Brewing

Our trip from SF to LA was not without brewery visits. We paid a visit to SLO Brewery in San Luis Obispo. Blow away by their beer.

nice people

One thing this area of the country has in common with the rest, there were more great people. Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported us in person, online, or on the road.

dave and belinda

Dave & Belinda, ag professionals in Salinas, CA. These guys were in better shape than us! Deep sea divers, cyclists, and a whole slew of other fun activities.

Bill & Candy

Bill & Candy in Orcutt, CA. A building inspector who means business, once the tie comes off after work Bill is a cycling enthusiast, and a craft beer fan.

Tom & Nancy

Tom & Nancy in San Luis Obispo, CA. Tom & Nancy were headed out to a roaring 20's themed party! I was angry at Kate because she left our costumes on our other bikes...

Dan & Linda

Dan & Linda in Ventura, CA. Easy to talk to, Dan & Linda were a welcome stop after the madness of riding on the highway part of the way to Ventura.

santa claus

You were wondering where he hides when he's not delivering presents? He hides in the open, just North of Los Angeles.

bicycling on the highway

Bike lanes on the highway! We had a tailwind, and the wind of the cars passing us, we maintained 28 miles an hour without breaking a sweat.

kate suscovich food cyclist

Everyone loves pictures of Kate riding a bike near the ocean! I know I do! Hi tiny Kate!

food cyclist missle

All in all, this trip was the BOMB!!! We managed to stay out of harm's way! With the winds we shot down the Coast like a rocket! After Los Angeles was San Diego where we were BOMBbarded with good beer! Shoot, I can't think of another pun...

I’ll have some more photos from the trip up soon, as well as details as to what our plans our now. It’s all madness as we try to piece things together.