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Published on December 13, 2012, by in Trip Update.

December has certainly been the month of driving. Up to Northern New Hampshire, down to New York City, and back and forth across Connecticut. I am really missing my bicycle, let me tell you.

When we’re not in the car, we are planning planning planning. We do not have land yet, but we are moving to a one bedroom in New Milford, CT at the end of the month. When we get there I will beat the pavement trying to find the right piece of land. Until then, I plan.

As usual, this is an exciting time for us. But then again, when isn’t? It seems we always have something going on. This is no business as usual. Our business as usual is to be unusual. We’re not alone in our quest to find a meaningful life and meaningful work. I will have another blog post on that soon. The further we travel down the rabbit hole, the more we realize we are not alone. Can I say “usual” one more time in this paragraph? Usual…

So, what kind of planning am I talking about?

Two things really, my online life, and my offline life.

farm planning farm podcast

The planning center has moved locations several times this month. Currently at my sister-in-law’s apartment in Connecticut. Books, notebooks, podcasting equipment, and a little insanity.

Offline Life Planning = Farm Planning

There are as many opinions about where to start farm planning as there are farms. The sheer amount of information that I am trying to digest is staggering. Staggering, but exciting! I find myself dancing (yes, dancing) around the house yelling, “I can’t wait to start my farm!”

Some of the things on the information list:

  • Tax Forms
  • Financial Planning
  • Livestock Planning
  • Herb Planning
  • Furnishing Our New Apartment
  • What equipment do I need? How much is it going to cost?
  • Research Research Research

Online Planning = Farm Planning

There are many ways to diversify your farm income. Some people do a vegetable CSA and Farm Camp, others do eggs and value added products. My plan is to have my pastured meat business, and my online business.

My online business is meant solely to help others, specifically farmers. That is my motivation. I am applying the principles of Smart Passive Income that I learned from Pat Flynn to my online business. Through the summer, I listened to his podcasts while weeding in fields, read his articles when I actually had internet connectivity, and subscribed to his newsletter to receive even more information. I talk about him now like he’s an age old friend. I’m sure he doesn’t know who I am (yet) but I owe him a lot. You can visit Pat at SmartPassiveIncome.com.

farm marketing solutions

The online business is Farm Marketing SolutionsFarm Marketing Solutions provides business and marketing information for family farmers. Through informative articles, instructional videos, and the Growing Farms Podcast I encourage others to start farming, and help current farmers increase revenues.

I am publishing free information based on my experience and research so that others may learn from my successes and failures. Just like FoodCyclist, I use total transparency to tell my story.

growing farms podcastI have a podcast that is launching January 2nd! The Growing Farms Podcast. That’s right, I got out of radio and TV only to start my own radio show (what would Howard think?).

I already have interviewed farmers from New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Oregon. I am having a blast doing it, and the interveiws have been great.

I am editing them down, adding my intro  and outro music, and a little more audio from myself. The first episode airs Wednesday January 2nd and will air every Tuesday after that.

The show gives farmers new and old insight into how other farms operate, how they got their start, and what advice they have to give from their experiences. I have already learned a lot from the interviews I have done, and I expect to learn a lot more as time goes on.

It is my hope that this podcast will help encourage and inspire others to pursue a career in agriculture, and help current farmers to grow their business sustainably. Taking the leap into farming was the best thing I have ever done (besides getting married to Kate).

Sign up for the e-mail list on http://FarmMarketingSolutions.com if you are interested in listening in each week as I interview farmers from across the country. I will let you  know when it starts here as well.