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Your Farmer

your farmerIn 2010, I became engrossed with finding a closer connection to where my food comes from. During my time off from work in New York City, I would ride my bicycle to farms in a 350 mile radius. I would volunteer at these farms, interview the farmers, and photograph the various operations.

By 2011, my wife, Kate, and I felt so strongly that we needed a more in-depth look into American agriculture that we left our life behind in New York to pedal our bicycles 5,500 miles from New York City to Seattle to San Diego. Along the way, we stopped stayed on family farms across the country.

When 2012 rolled around, we wanted to bring our farming life to the next level. We applied for an apprenticeship position at Devon Point Farm in Woodstock, CT with Erick and Patty Taylor. It was our apprenticeship with Erick and Patty that cemented our need to start a farm of our own.

2013 brought the birth of our first child Mabel Grace Suscovich, and the birth of our first farm. I have documented my journeys over the last three years on the farm blog, and will continue to do so as I progress forward in my farming career.

For 2014 I have become the farm manager at Camps Road Farm and have decided to roll the two businesses together. By the end of the season in 2013 both farms were operating off the same piece of property and it made perfect sense to combine forces to bring top-quality pastured poultry and eggs to our combined clientele